Academic Journal Articles

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Grodach, C, O’Connor, J and Gibson, C (2017) Manufacturing and cultural production: towards a progressive policy agenda for the cultural economy, City, Culture and Society

Project Reports

DP170104255-2017/01 Urban Cultural Policy and the Changing Dynamics of Cultural Production Position Paper (August 2017)

DP170104255-2017/02 Made in Marrickville: Enterprise and Cluster Dynamics at the Creative Industries-Manufacturing Interface, Carrington Road precinct (August 2017) (Update version: 20 September 2017)

Media Coverage

Gibson, C (2017) Interview with Sarah Macdonald, ABC Radio Sydney Morning Show, 1 September 2017

Gibson, C, Crosby, A, Grodach, C, Lyons, C, O’Connor, J and Gu, X (2017) Can our cities’ thriving creative precincts be saved from ‘renewal’? The Conversation, August 30, 2017

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Barouch, J (2017) Push to preserve Marrickville industrial precinct to foster quirky creative industries,, 10 September 2017

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